Latino Alliance for Literacy Advancement de New Mexico




Welcome to the Latino Alliance for Literacy Advancement en New Mexico website. The mission of our organization is: to assist in the process of self-empowerment for Hispanic adults in New Mexico to improve their health, employability, well-being and future; to provide free, convenient, culturally appropriate and family-friendly pathways to improved literacy and numeracy through partnership with consortia of public secondary schools in urban and rural areas; to promote, foster and support Hispanic adult readers and writers in under-served communities in our state through public readings, festivals and book fairs; to increase understanding of literacy and numeracy issues facing Hispanic adults in New Mexico through research, writing and publication of reports for the media, lawmakers and the public; to promote greater awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy in our communities.

“To help Latino children and communities succeed, you must educate the whole family. We are the mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, the ones who help with the homework, put kids to bed, decide what activities are important to our children, feed our families, read the prescription bottles, turn off the TV, take away the X-Box controls, care for the aged, light velitas to the santos, and otherwise just hold it all together. It’s not enough to throw money at struggling schools. You must involve the parents, the grandparents, the godparents, the neighborhood. You cannot solve the crisis of scholastic failure among our students without first making sure every adult in that child’s life can also write and do basic math.” – Alisa Valdés Gandy, Executive Director


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